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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the tour guides for Pineapple Ride and Tour?

Pineapple Ride and Tour is a professionally-guided tour and ride service, located in the historical downtown of Saint Augustine, Florida. We are locally owned and operated by Blaise Morrell. You will meet some of our knowledgeable and likable pedicab and EV Guides, including Patricia, Garry, Dean, and Vanessa. Our guides are licensed by the city and also trained extensively. People that work for Pineapple care about factual history and being historians of their home. People that guide here live here too. 

What type of vehicles do you use on your tours?

We specialize in showing you the very best of St. Augustine in our Electric Vehicle, Pedicabs (bike taxi.), and Mini Bus Shuttles.  Our EV tours can take up to 9 people around town, Our pedicabs can hold 3-6 people, and our Mini Bus Shuttles seat 14 people. EV Historical Tours and Pedicab Adventures can be scheduled by clicking the Book Now button under any of the tour listings. Shuttle service, just call 904-615-5515

Our charming Pedicabs are available almost every evening for rides and for tours! Our pedicabs have a capacity of 3-6 people. Services start at 4 PM daily unless booked in advance. If you would like to schedule a unique and enjoyable ride to dinner or somewhere in the downtown area, give us a call at 904-615-5515 so we can accommodate your wishes and make your St. Augustine trip memorable! 

Do you have a weight limit?

We do not have a weight limit and can handle large people as well as small. Children can also ride and for babies or infants we can even strap in a car seat. 

We are disabled, is it easy to get onto your equipment?

We are proud to have the lowest deck height of any tour vehicle in the city, making it very easy to climb aboard. We are very experienced in accommodating people with physical and/or mental disabilities/handicaps. Please allow our staff to safely guide you on and off our vehicle from almost any location downtown or our private parking area. We help many disabled people with our service and will do our best to make you comfortable and safe. Our location not only has parking but ADA compliant restrooms and waiting area access.  We currently do not have a wheelchair lift, but hope to get one in the future as we grow. 


*Please call for additional information or if you have questions about touring with us at:  904-615-5515

Do you operate in the rain?

We do our best to operate if the rain is a drizzle but if it is heavier rain and wind, we may have to cancel or try to help you find another solution. We can do wind, and we can do rain, but if there is both, we have to close at least temporarily. We will either reschedule if available or give you a full refund if we cannot facilitate the tour due to weather.  

How many people can go on a tour together?

Our comfortable electric vehicle can comfortably seat groups of up to 10 people. Additionally, our pedicabs seat 3-6 people. This allows you and your friends or family to enjoy the sights and sounds of St. Augustine together, while still remaining private, instead of being on a large and crowded tourWe also can do multiple tours or trips to and from locations for large groups up to 100 people! 

Can I schedule transportation for my wedding?

Yes, if you need transportation at your wedding or want us to bring you to different locations around town to shoot your wedding photography, we do that too.  We have a number of ride and bridal services.  Email us at and let us make it easy for you. You can also check out our Wedding Services Page to get more info about our offerings.

Where do I park to begin the tour?

We provide parking for all of our tours at 134 Riberia Street at San Sebastian Marina, and are also the only private tour in town with parking! However, we can pick you up from almost anywhere in the downtown area for your convenience, just call: 904-615-5515 We also pick up for a discounted fare from the beaches for our tours. 

Where can I start the tour?

We can pick you up from most anywhere downtown to begin your tour of choice. After your tour we can drop you off wherever you choose, ensuring you have the best time in St. Augustine. Our tours also include convenient parking at 134 Riberia Street at San Sebastian Marina, or choose from a variety of starting locations. Simply give us a call at 904-615-5515 or email us if you have any questions about where we can start your tour. 

The Visitor Information Center is also a good place to park! We can pick you up from the north side of the building. We've provided a link to their website:


I'm eager to book a tour! How do I reach you?

Our tours can be conveniently booked online HERE! Also, for additional questions or comments, please call us at 904-615-5515. We are happy to speak to you and book your tour through phone as well. We do not have a public office, so feel free to email your questions or comments to us

Pineapple Ride & Tour offers a variety of services.
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