owner and operator, Blaise Morrell

owner + operator
Blaise Morrell


Pineapple Ride and Tour is a professional, guided tour service and ride service, located in the historical downtown of Saint Augustine, Florida, and locally owned and operated by Blaise Morrell. Helping out doing tours is the talented Patricia Bean, who has been working with Pineapple since October 2021. She brings

her photographic skills to the tour on the

"Landmark Photo Tour".

There are also a few pedicab drivers out there you may

see like Timmy, Nate, and Evan. Pedicabs are available

almost every evening for rides and for tours. Our pedicabs have a capacity of 3-5 people!

Pedicab Tours can be booked HERE

Tours also include convenient parking at 134 Riberia Street at San Sebastian Marina, or choose from a variety of starting locations where we can pick you up before your tour. 


The Visitor Information Center is also a good place to park and we can pick you up from the north side of the building. Here is a link to their web site: www.citystaug.com/618/Visitor-Information-Center


Tours can be booked completely online, for additional questions or comments, please call us at:

(904) 615-5515