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A Pedicab Ride in St. Augustine

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the St. Augustine area, a pedicab ride is the perfect way to see everything in the area without walking or driving the streets yourself. 


Whether you have a specific destination in mind or just want to enjoy a scenic tour of downtown St. Augustine (and why wouldn’t you!), our guides know all the best spots to show you along the way. This way you can experience the city from a local’s perspective and can truly see everything St. Augustine’s beautiful downtown area has to offer. 

*****From November 19th - January 30th we offer Nights of lights

Pedicab Tours. Those are available by clicking HERE or by giving us a call at 904-615-5515





Book a Pedicab Tour Today

For Rides Call:  904 - 615 - 5515


Booking a pedicab tour for your trip is easy, simply call us today to schedule a ride or make a reservation. Pineapple Ride and Tour is happy to show you everything St. Augustine has to offer. 

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