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Take Our Landmark Photo Tour in St. Augustine

There is no other tour like this!

 There is no other tour like this! Take a guided tour of the Iconic Landmarks of Saint Augustine with your own camera and your family and friends. Your tour guide will set you up for the best vantage points and camera angles making sure your vacation photos turn out to be the best ever!

Explore St. Augustine Through a New Lens

St. Augustine is a city known for its’ beautiful scenery and historic locations and on your photo tour you’ll see it all! Stops include: 

  • The Bridge of Lions

  • The Fort

  • City Gates

  • St. George Street

  • The Amazing Flagler Hotels 

  • Blocks of Architectural Buildings St. Augustine is Known For

On every stop along the way, your pictures will always be postcard perfect! 


Private Group Price is $220 for groups up to 10. Be sure to contact us for larger groups. Always included are stories about the history, interesting architecture, and tips on how you can improve your own pictures.


Parking is available if needed.


At Pineapple Ride and Tour, we pride ourselves on being the best way to view historic sites and tour the Ancient City. We can pick you up almost anywhere downtown for your tour and drop you off wherever you want to be after so please, give us a call today to book a photo tour and see St. Augustine through a new lens! 

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