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Explore St. Augustine’s Art Scene on the Gallery Tour

St. Augustine is known for its’ historic landmarks and scenic views but it’s also home to a thriving local art scene. With new galleries constantly running, they’ve become one of the most unique things to do when visiting the area. At Pineapple Ride and Tour, we make it easier for you to explore St. Augustine’s current galleries like no one else!

Galleries You’ll See Include

Alma Ramirez Gallery

Inspiration for my style came from an unlikely coincidence between nature and technology when I accidentally fumbled my camera into the water while capturing a panorama. I was disheartened, but the images on my card were wonderfully broken and distorted, showing me the landscape from a different perspective that deeply resonated with me as an artist and storyteller. Over the years, I have honed and further developed this new way of seeing.

      - Alma Ramirez

Alma Ramirez Gallery_2.jpg

Our Tours are guides are knowledgeable and local, so we’ll make sure you experience the galleries the way they’re meant to be. Enjoy 90 minutes or more of amazing galleries and historical views! 


The Art Gallery Tour includes 5-7 galleries in downtown 

St. Augustine and takes place the first Friday of every month. On this tour you will get to be the first to go into these galleries and see the latest works of many local artists!

Book a Gallery Tour Today

If you’re interested in checking out St. Augustine’s art galleries, let Pineapple Ride and Tour be your guides. Please give us a call today with any questions or book your tour online. 

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